10 Sleeping Beauty Secrets To Stay Fresh in Quarantine (& not only!)

A diva needs many hours of sleep … just like you!

Are you a beauty-obsessed gal? If yes, you are in the right place! Taking care of our skin, hair, bodies can work as therapy for our mental health, especially in the era of the global pandemic crisis where many of us try to handle stress disorders, fear, and plenty of other negative feelings. So if there is a key-chance to slow down and help ourselves feel and look better, that’s something worth taking. This time we at Gals and City put together 10 secrets that make your face look fresh and radiant again, and promise, this goes beyond your make-up bag. Start feeling beautiful inside out every morning you look yourself in the mirror! Just scroll and make sure you follow all of our secrets:


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1. Sleep on your back: Studies have shown that pressing our face into pillows during sleep can compress the skin and especially the sensitive area of the eyes. That’s why we sometimes wake up with swollen eyes. If we keep on sleeping on our stomach or side, this may contribute to visible signs of aging by causing sleep wrinkles.

2. Use a high pillow: You can also use 2 small pillows or a high one! As a result, our head is higher than the rest of our body and thus we don’t wake up with puffy face and eyes.

3. Avoid salty food: Anything salty makes your face puffy in the morning because of water retention. That’s why it’s better to avoid late-night snacks such as pizza, cheese, sushi, french fries etc. Instead, a bowl with yogurt and berries is an excellent snack choice!

4. Silk pillowcase: Are you trying to tangle your hair every morning? Well, sometimes, the things that seem like they should be simple tasks, are the toughest to figure out. Brushing your hair is definitely one of them! But we have a solution! Did you know that silk pillowcases protect against hair damages? Sleeping with a silk pillowcase while wrapping your hair with a silk scarf you protect them from serious hair issues, from breakage to a mass of tangles! Plus you keep them soft, shiny, and, thank God, not tangled.

5. Sleep the “must” hours: Obviously, sleep is like medicine. The truth is that we should try not to miss the hours of sleep between 01.00 am and 04.00 am because this is the time our face and body are totally restored and rejuvenated by its own collagen. The skin and its deeper layers are repaired, wounds are closed and tissues are rebuilt. Needless to say, our face sparkles, and dark circles are already a thing of the past.

6. Clean face: The key to a fresh and youthful face is to remove your makeup every time you go back home and not only before bedtime. Keep in mind, cleaning your face the sooner as possible, you make it breathe! Never sleep with your makeup on and when we say “never” we mean NEVER! Our body is like a big pore absorbing everything we put on it, so don’t let your pores become clogged with dirt and oil causing infections.

7. Face & body creams: Have a warm bath to relax and calm both your body and mind before go to bed. It helps! Then apply oils or your favorite nourishing body cream all over your body to keep it moisturized. In any case, don’t forget your face cream! Apply it every night boosting the total restoration of your skin and use it also in the morning before your sunscreen and/or make-up.

 8. Drink water: Drink gallons of water during the day for glowing skin (at least 1,5 lt/per day), but avoid excess water intake at night because you may possibly destroy your good sleep, going to the bathroom all the time.

9. Use oils: Oils makes you look a whole lot younger! For extra nourishment and hydration, apply oil on your face, especially on your dry areas, as well as on your whole body, especially before sleep, and let it work during the night. The correct order to layer your skincare products is serums first, then moisturizing creams and oils in the end. Why? Because oils can penetrate moisturizers, but it’s better to skip them if you’re wearing more than two serums under your moisturizer.

10. Take more vitamin E: We are talking about a precious beauty vitamin: a super antioxidant that boosts skin elasticity making your face skin glow again as well as preventing it from photoaging and wrinkle expression. You can find it in various foods, by eating more nuts and seeds, such as hazelnuts, almonds, and sunflower seeds, or get it as an oral dietary supplement. For maximizing the antioxidant properties, take vitamin E along with vitamin C and enjoy your flawless and radiant version of you!


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Smart Beauty Tips:

  • Almond oil is the ultimate beauty secret. Use it especially around the eyes and protect them against wrinkle expressions and pre-mature aging!
  • Apply your eye cream as gently as possible onto the orbital bone and use the pad of your finger to pat it from the inner to the outer corner. For more details about the most delicate application check here.
  • When you use oils, it’s better to wrap your hair up for them not touching your skin. Otherwise, you may look a bit greasy in the morning.

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