15 Glamorous Gifts To Put In Your Holiday Wish List These Festive Days!

gifts wish list

Surprise your friends & family with this holiday gift list!

We are a few days just before saying “goodbye” to the unprecedented and challenging year of 2020, so what better than welcoming the new year by making some gifts to ourselves and our beloved ones? Is something better than spreading smiles and cheers to friends and family in the era of social distancing? That’s why we at “Gals and the City” made a last-minute gift list from perfume, comfy sneakers, and hair clips to business notebooks, and stylish AirPods. So scroll down, take some gift-inspo and let the surprises begin!

Influencer’s Hair Clips:

These hair clips are the ultimate hair accessory trend you may see everywhere on Instagram! Instagrammers, fashion editors and it gals don’t stop decorating their hair with fancy hairpins and clips shaping the fashion industry for good. Hairpins are such a lovely gift for your bestie, so what are you waiting for? Here we put the iconic Prada’s hairpins, but you can also choose among a wide range of clips from branded ones to more affordable ones depending on your gals’ personal taste! Just keep in mind, you are the only one who knows!

Comfy Sneakers:

Ideal for your walks, these New Balance 530 will support your socially distanced life giving you comfort and style in every step equipped with midsole foam. It’s a classic footwear choice of the ’90s and ’00s and its creamy-white hue is what you actually need to match it with almost all of your outfits.

Must-Have Sunglasses:

Fashion freaks are you here? Indulge yourself with Paula’s Ibiza acetate sunglasses and be one of the modern it-gals of 2021! Actually, there is nothing trendier right now for you and so flexible to wear all year long, from the early hours of the day ’till night.

Stylish Airpods:

Stylish and well-designed, these wireless headphones are like accessories for the ears. The excellent audio quality combined with its extended battery life resistance makes it ideal for outdoor activities and extreme sports. So it’s a wonderful option for you or your ambitious, hard-working buddies.

Sexy Perfume:

Giving perfume as a gift you are telling your friends and family that you know them very well to choose the right scent for them. But even if you don’t know their exact personal taste the “Good Girl” by Carolina Herrera is a daring yet sophisticated fragrance that oozes sensuality and femininity, having tuberose and jasmine sambac as heart tones, almond as top tones and tonka bean and cocoa as bottom tones. It can be worn from daytime to night and the haute couture black-gold stiletto makes it stunning as a gift!

Skincare Set:

This the perfect gift for all beauty lovers out there. Plus it’s a chance to show off your good taste by giving such a self-care gift in this beautiful ultra-luxe travel case. Well, it is very important to keep our face and body moisturized during the cold months of winter while ensuring our freshness throughout the holiday season. This skincare set by Summer Fridays includes a mini jet Lag Mask, CC me serum, and lip butter balm your bestie will love for sure!

Sparkling Heels:

Heels to fall in love! When it comes to heels, yes, it’s a kind of very personal gift that you may buy and keep in your shoe closet forever. The mesmerizing glitter stiletto with crystal embellishments throughout is sure to turn heads at your next party (after the covid-19 pandemic crisis)!

Jewelry Addiction:

This year is all about gold chains! Either you will pick among branded chain necklaces or more affordable pieces, this gift idea is the ultimate trend of the season, easy to wear all day long from days at the beach, mountains trips, and working days at the office. What a lovely gift for your friends!

Fragranced Diffuser:

Spending most of our time at home as quarantine is already a reality in most countries, it is quite crucial to keep our living space smelling well. This fragrance diffuser in pine rose petals top tones and sandalwood, heliotrope, vanilla, and Saffran base tones will mentally travel you to a luxury spa resort while helping you find zen and harmony. It’s a fantastic gift idea for everyone as the diffuser not only smells fantastic but also looks fantastic, leveling up home your decoration!

Crystal-embellished clip-on Earrings:

Embrace season’s most eye-catching trend by adding some romantic vibes to your jewelry case with these super-sized, crystal heart-shaped earrings. Besides, crystals are a woman’s best friend, so if you want to wow your friend, this gift is what you are searching for! Do you hear us, men?

Mini Saddle Bag:

If you wish for one gift this Christmas, treat yourself to the modern version of the Maison’s iconic bag. No doubt, this mini Saddle bag by Dior will make you look like a dreamy it-gal, not to mention it is an ideal option for everyday use.

Glitter me up:

Put some sparkle on you or gift the sparkle to your galfriends and sis! Even if you are going to spend the night alone with a glass of champagne in hand, this dress is the most glamorous option for New Year’s Eve! Plus, it is a well-spent choice to keep it in your wardrobe for the future post-covid era.


It is important our home-stuff work as mood-boosters, apart from just being comfy. These flip flops are the best home-shoes for the next months at home. Stylish and super soft, they can be worn all around the house making feet look pretty and festive all year long. Besides, it’s a quite safe gift option, if you don’t know the exact personal taste for some of your friends. Needless to say, mama will love it for sure!

Must-have Notebook:

Without any shadow of a doubt, the Moleskin notebook is the best corporate logoed gift and of a high-quality notebook among all these out there, if you are planning to make a surprise to your colleague or just want to upgrade your work equipment.

Top Hydration Oil:

Beauty lovers are you here? We have already tested it on us, and, swear, this coconut oil is the best hydration ally you could ever use for your dull hair and dry face and body skin. Especially this year as we have been practicing frequent hand-washing and antiseptic-spraying, coconut oil is the most “necessary” gift for anyone on your list to treat the dehydrated and harsh parts of the body. This natural youth-elixir makes everybody feel so moisturized than ever before!

The article is not sponsored by any brand. All brands referred are Gals and the City Fashion Editor’s Choice.

[Cover Photo © Jason Leung (Unsplash)/Photo Manipulation by Gals and the City (pinko, loewe, Carolina Herrera, alessandra rich, mach & match, dior, nowfoods, l’armes de crocodile)]

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