7 Healthy Junk Foods To Satisfy Your Wild Appetite

Everybody needs the right snacks!

How many times have you run to the fridge at midnight to satisfy your cravings? There is no reason to stress and deprive your desire for a super tasty and good junk food snack because there are ways to make it a little healthier. To help you more we just gathered 7 best healthy junk foods to satisfy your wild appetite and cover your need for tempting sweets and savory pleasures while keeping your diet healthy, low in calories, and well balanced! For example, when you yearn for an ice cream indulge yourself in something like a mouth-watering homemade ice pop instead, or if you want potato chips, replace them with kale chips. What better than combining taste with vitamins and minerals? Besides, it is nutritionists that suggest opting for healthy snacks that boost our energy levels while not letting us become ravenously hungry, as this can lead to excess calorie intake as well as poor food choices. So don’t wait to get hungry, just scroll, check our list, and get some healthy junk food ideas for your next snack time. Say no to a junk food diet, say yes to healthy eating habits!

Say Yes: Greek Yogurt with Fruits (Say No: Frozen Yogurts)

healthy junk foods
Photo by Brooke Lark

Have you ever tried Greek yogurt? Opt for a low-fat one and boost your body with protein, crucial probiotics for your gut health, and other important nutrients. If you are a sweet-tooth but want to keep it simple and healthy add some fruits or/and dark chocolate pieces as toppings to take a hint of sweetness and nuts for crunch!

Say Yes: Dark chocolate -“dressed” almonds (Say no: Candy Stick)

healthy junk foods
Photo by Tetiana Bykovets

Why dark chocolate? Instead of white and milk chocolate, quality dark chocolate with a high cocoa content is loaded with many antioxidants and nutrients like fiber, iron, manganese, copper, and other minerals important for skin and health as well. Plus it has lower sugar levels than the other kind of chocolates which makes it the perfect solution if you are on diet. Stevia dark chocolate is an even better choice if you want to get rid of sugar and keep your blood sugar levels balanced. On the other hand, almonds are a rich source of proteins and fibers that keep you full for longer as well as stop your cravings. Therefore, what’s better than a combo of chocolate and almonds? We suggest melting dark chocolate in a bain-marie, dip almonds and add a pinch of some salt if desired, or just go to your local store and buy them.

Say Yes: Baked Apple (Say No: Applepie)

healthy junk foods

Did you miss a flaky crust piece of apple pie with your favorite scoop of ice cream? We have the solution! Heat your oven and bake your apple and that’s it. When it’s ready, use a sprinkle of cinnamon, a teaspoon of stevia, or brown sugar, and one teaspoon of butter, and enjoy it warm. Why? Because you just saved approximately between 300 to 400 calories that a typical apple pie slice contains.

Say Yes: Matcha Latte (Say No: Latte)

healthy junk foods
Photo by Sarah Gualtieri

We almost all love a well-grounded coffee, but coffee shop lattes may be loaded with high levels of sugar according to nutritionists, thus think of adding or just replacing latte with a yummy matcha latte into your daily diet. Pure organic matcha does not contain refined sugar, instead, this green gift is considered a beauty elixir that packed with precious antioxidants and nutrients acts against aging, and makes our skin look fresh and glowing. Fashion icon and beauty guru, Hailey Bieber, has recently shared her favorite homemade matcha latte recipe and you can find it here!

Say Yes: Fresh Salsa (Say No: Guacamole)

healthy junk foods
Photo by Nadine Primeau

Although guacamole is a healthy choice when the serving size is small, we recommend an even healthier and lighter salsa, a fresh veggie salsa! Recipe: Take a bowl and add 3 tomatoes, 1 chopped cucumber, 3/4 cup chopped zucchini, 1 chopped medium sweet yellow or red pepper, 1 small red onion (finely chopped), 1 jalapeno pepper (seeded and finely chopped), fresh chopped cilantro (as much as you desire), 2 tablespoons olive oil, vinegar if desired, a pinch of salt and pepper, 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin and serve with tortilla chips.

Say Yes: Homemade Frozen Treat (Say No: Ice cream)

healthy junk foods
Photo by Food Photographer | Jennifer Pallian

Take your blender and put your favorite fruit or a mix of your favorite fruits or veggies, non-dairy or low-fat milk, vanilla, cinnamon, protein powder, and some peanut butter if you want to add an extra flavor. Blend well and pour the mixture into ice pop molds and freeze. Now you have a super tasty, low of calories and full of fibers and vitamins refreshing snack or dessert to satisfy your wild appetite and stay cool during the spring/summer season.

Say Yes: Kale Chips (Say No: Potato Chips)

healthy junk foods
Photo by Charles Deluvio

Even if potato chips are always a big temptation especially when you combine with a cold coca-cola and a double cheeseburger, there are so many reasons to say now, not just because they are super salty but mainly because there are high in trans or saturated fats occurring such bad health effects. Instead, go for kale chips! Kale, the king of all super healthy greens, is considered the most nutritious plant food in existence. Rich in powerful beneficial compounds like vitamins, antioxidant agents, minerals, and nutrients it works like a natural remedy for our overall health. You can find delicious kale chips in grocery shops or just make your own! How? Start with washing, then drying the kale, and cutting it into small pieces. Massage them with oil and the seasonings of your choice, put them on baking sheets, and let them in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes. We want them to be crispy and very slightly golden brown. When they are ready, let them rest on the baking sheets outside the oven as this will help them to be even crispier.

[Cover Photo © Joanna Kosinska]

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