Add Cosmopolitan Côte d’Azur To Your Post-COVID Bucket List

côte d' azur

The majestic Côte d’ Azur offers glamorous days and nights … and Insta-worthy spots!

After a tough year of self-isolation and perpetual quarantines what better than searching for some beautiful places to get inspired and, why not, planning the next trip? And as vaccines are being distributed all over the world the hope of traveling is in the air again, and, oh yes, it’s time to add cosmopolitan Côte d’ Azur to your post-COVID bucket list! Of course, we continue to practice social distancing and encourage you to check on how to safely travel during the global pandemic, we just want to give you some glamorous travel vibes here! Well, hearing of Côte d’Azur or French Riviera, our mind travels far away to palm trees, luxury restaurants, grand marinas full of superyachts, expensive cars, upscale casinos, elegant bars, Cannes FestivalHollywood stars, and so many other things that ooze this freakin’ sparkling cosmopolitan air. The truth is that there are so many places around the Riviera to discover, but here we put together 5 must-see towns and villages that worth visiting even once in a lifetime: Nice, Monaco/Monte Carlo, Saint Tropez, Cannes, and Saint-Paul de Vence!

How to get there? Where to stay?

The only airport on the French Riviera is that of Nice so – talking from personal experience –  the best option is to book your room there so as to be close to the airport (and not to be anxious about how to get there on the departure day) as well as easily explore all the famous destinations around Nice. How?  Pick up a car from the airport and plan on driving down the coast day per day, organizing your day trips while staying in beautiful Nice. If you are a road trip lover, you will be amazed by the incredibly charming scenery while driving through picturesque fishermen villages and stunning vineyards enjoying the stunning views. Another convenient option is to take the coastal train which links all the towns along the Cote d’Azur and discover the splendid coastal towns and lovely perched villages.


Well, starting your exploration from Nice, you will get enchanted by the colorful and charming old town that travels you back in the baroque and Belle Epoque era. Fabulous creations, astonishing buildings, and the glittering Promenade des Anglais full of palm trees will make you wanna stay there forever. Don’t miss to pose in front of the famous “#ilovenice” sign on Promenade des Anglais with the Mediterranean Sea in the background. Dressing mood: Smart casual (keep in mind that Nice is mainly a touristic city so keep it cool)


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Just 100km west of Nice, we meet the mythical Saint-Tropez! Transformed from a peaceful fishing village into one of the hottest destinations of the international jet-set since 1950 when Brigitte Bardot arrived to star in the movie “And God Created Women”, Saint-Tropez boasts of majestic yachts at the Vieux Port with thousands of tourists staying speechless. One of the most historic spots for coffee, drinks, lunch, or dinner is Senequier since 1887. But if you prefer to mingle with the fashion world, It-gals, and international elite, you may make some steps further and visit the bar/club/restaurant, Le Quai, which is also in a prime location with the view of the luxury boats. Dressing mood: romantic, floral and fluffy


You can’t travel to Cote d’ Azur without visiting the playground of rich and Hollywood stars, Cannes! Either driving west or just taking the local train and spending just $8 you are in 35 minutes right there. Beyond any shadow of a doubt, walking down to one of the most iconic streets of France, Boulevard de la Croisette – the true heart of Cannes – we could easily say it is a lifetime experience as you get all these France’s sparkling Riviera vibes while taking your super Insta-pics like a star. Don’t miss to enjoy your cocktail and pose in front of the legendary Hotel Martinez, the flagship Riviera hotel as well as the heart of the annual Cannes Film Festival. Cultural attractions and great places are also there for you to visit like La Malmaison art center. Glam Tip: For those who want to get the maximum glam experience we suggest you make a stop in Antibes (before arriving in Cannes), another charming town on the Côte d’ Azur on the shores of the Mediterranean sea, and more particularly visit the historic and glamorous south of France hideaway, the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc. This 150 years old hidden gem has been elevated into the pantheon of the Instagram world, and especially its iconic pool has been the background of royals, movie stars, famous artists, supermodels, and jet-setters over the time. Dressing mood: elegant and formal (just don’t miss taking a big hat and over-sized vintage sunglasses)


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Monaco Monaco! Arriving at Monaco or else Monte-Carlo just in 15 minutes away from Nice, the second smallest country in the world and the heaven of billionaires, hedonists, and high rollers go straight ahead in front of the mythical Casino de Monte- Carlo to take your glamorous pictures and enjoy a delicious cocktail to the famous Café de Paris (a cosmo cocktail is what you really need, as you, guys, are in one of the most cosmopolitan places in the whole world)! Honestly, there are so many things to see and admire so take the chance to stroll around even if you’re wearing high heels! Yacht-lined harbors, stunning beaches, amazing ritzy hotels, casinos and the world-renowned Grand Prix motor race held annually in late May are just some of the things that make Monaco so popular destination for the international jet-set. Of course, Monaco can be also enjoyable and cool for the average traveler that chooses to spend their holidays there. Dressing mood: Scandalous yet chic

Saint-Paul de Vence

Heading northwest and just 19.3 km away from the center of Nice you meet Saint-Paul de Vence, an enviable corner of Provence with a spectacular view that will attract you for sure. The beautiful hilltop village with its medieval stone walls occupies a magnet of famous figures with its art, historic monuments, cute shops, galleries, and charming restaurants. Make a stop there, have a coffee, and go on exploring your next destination. Dressing mood: chic and casual (ok, we are talking about a village, but don’t forget, you are in South France, gals!)


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[Cover Photo © by Nick Karvounis]

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