Color fashion trend: Get some lime & lemon on you

Do you think it’s a difficult color? Not! We will make it easy at you.

Well, although, it’s fresh and mainly spring color, you can wear it also in winter if you combine it well! Obviously soft yellow and green lime is the new black with fashion gals master the streets of New York during  NYFW and LFW. But the biggest splash is definitely on Instagram with influencers to choose from high heels and bags to dresses, t-shirts, and trousers. Ok, we are talking about an unexpected color but you can make it yours.

Dare to wear, buying even an item, a t-shirt! The only thing you need is a sense of imagination and boldness. I know it may be a challenge for many of you gals, but remember, it makes you feel unique and outstanding! Besides, these colors work genuinely with the other shades in your wardrobe. That’s the meaning of fashion, otherwise, our life would be dull and boring. Let’s be honest, we do not only follow trends for the sake of fashion but also for our overall psychology, to feel well and rejuvenated.

Whether you are dressed in a total lemon or lime outfit or you just choose some accessories and bags in these colors, all eyes are on you! Styling the trend you see how creative you can be matching hues and textures like a fashion stylist. Keep in mind that it can be easily combined with shades of blue and especially the electric blue. Needless to say, the magenta color lipstick is a divine option in this case. For the beginners, we recommend starting with accessories to get the feeling and later on to proceed with clothes.

So let’s get inspired by some looks that other gals have already worn adding a pinch of color in your daily life!

[Cover © Phil Oh]

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