Dreaming of supermodels’ eyebrows? 3 Steps to make them thick

Find out the 3 steps that make your eyebrows thicker naturally!

The truth is that we are constantly getting mad with our eyebrows as they give the frame of our face and we need to take care of them all the time. Undoubtedly, the “it gal” from the UK, Cara Delevigne, changed the beauty world with the new trend of thick eyebrows that looked like the men’s one. Thus the very thin 00’s eyebrows are automatically out of fashion!

But what if you are a gal that destroyed your eyebrows with the tweezers when you were younger, or you‘re just not born with thick eyebrows, here is the solution! Grow your eyebrows naturally and get rid of drawing them with eye pencils and mascaras.


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1. Make a scrub

Before any treatment make a scrub on your eyebrows so as to remove dead cells while being sure that the area is clear and totally smooth. In this way, the magic components of any treatment will be fully absorbed in-depth for even faster results.

2. Treatment with oil

The secret is castor oil! After the scrub, apply it on and around your eyebrows with a cotton swab or a special eyebrow brush or even your fingers, before going to bed at night. This oil not only helps hair to grow fast but also strengthens them. Alternatively, you can use almond oil, jojoba oil or aloe vera that helps in blood circulation.

3. Give shape

Prefer going to a brow expert – even once in a while – to give your eyebrows the shape that fits your face and eyes. After that, you can remove the hair that grows out of shape, either by yourself or going again to the beauty expert to correct them.


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  • It is better to wrap your hair at night – before sleep – for not being oily in the morning, every time you use oils.
  • You can also buy some special serum or eyebrows’ gel which is enriched with nutritional and active ingredients that accelerate hair growth, making them stronger and healthier.
  • Please, don’t give up the process! Be patient and persistent in getting the desirable and youthful thick eyebrows. It will take a little longer but be sure it is worth the try!


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