Face care routine: How to apply your eye cream

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Are you mad with your face and especially the eye area?

Did you know that our eyes depict the quality of our life as well as our good or bad habits? We at Gals and the City think yes, as we are all gals and we all want fresh and young skin that always shines beauty. So we need to know that the way we apply eye cream plays a big role! What if it’s the best and the most expensive eye cream, if you don’t apply it properly you may destroy the whole result.


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Seriously, you don’t need to overdo it! Pick up a pea-size amount of eye cream on your finger and dot it on under and around your eyes.


Always use your ring finger for the most delicate application! Obviously, this is the weakest finger that doesn’t press too much on the sensitive area of the eyes. Remember that this is the first area that starts to appear lines and wrinkles of aging as the skin underneath the eyes is incredibly thin. So if you press the area, you may create wrinkles by yourself.


I know it’s a fast way just to rub the cream around your eyes and go but this way damages your skin. Apply the cream as gently as possible onto the orbital bone and use the pad of your finger to pat it from the inner to the outer corner.


Don’t apply eye cream or oil on the upper and lower eyelid as the eye tends to absorb anything we use on it. It’s not good for your eye health. Besides, it makes our eyes look swollen in the morning.

Step 3

Keep patting until you see your cream is fully absorbed and… that’s it!


Wait a couple of minutes before applying sun cream or makeup.


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Do it right this time!

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