Fall Lips: The Best Lipsticks For Fleshy and Juicy Lips

 Make your lips more attractive and fleshy with the best lipsticks for fall!

With winter coming closer and closer while our face starts losing its sunkissed glow from the summer, an extra touch of color on the face is considered necessary. Well, the easiest way to achieve the feeling of youth and vitality that every woman is looking for is undoubtedly coloring our lips with a shade that emphasizes our look and gives us some boldness and charm not just in the fall but all year round. Especially now that masks are like our second nature to us, but normalcy is one step closer with all the efforts against the spread of covid-19, painted lips are, undoubtedly, the strongest sign of freedom.

What color and shades should I choose?

Glossy or matte? Go for both as long as they are in hues that serve you the best. Now, depending on the tone and texture of your skin, you should look for lipsticks that harmoniously fit your lips, making them look juicier and more fleshy. Bold red is a classic and timeless choice that is not gonna let you down, but, ok, beyond that, you can also invest in more “quiet” shades such as rosy pink, nude, and pink with purple undertones or burgundy giving an extra tension to your beauty look.


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Keep in mind to follow a proper lip care routine by exfoliating and hydrating your lips to look radiant and juicy throughout the time you wear your lipstick. This time we’ve rounded up the best lipsticks for fall/winter to choose what fits you more. Pro Tip: Draw your lips with a lip pencil, tone darker than your lipstick, and then apply your lipstick.

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