Hailey Bieber Just Created Her YouTube Channel

Hailey Bieber having 33,6 million followers on Instagram decided to create her own YouTube channel as a way to get closer to her millions of fans!  Actually, inspired by the process of the filming of her husband Justin Bieber’s documentary, the fashion icon and beauty guru made this step as she wanted to share her everyday life, her skincare routine, her personality, different opinions, as well as topics she is passionate about. Hailey Rhode Baldwin Bieber posted her first three videos on 13 March, including a video in which she hosted a special guest and also a best friend of hers (who else?) Kendal Jenner to make cheese and mac while playing “Never Have I Ever” in the bathroom and finally sharing secrets about their longtime friendship (the video has already gathered 7,4 million views)! Of course, in her introductory video “Welcome to my channel!” 24-year-old model after making a joke about her “mouthful” name, explains the content she is going to be publishing.

Her YouTube channel content:

So what about the program? Hailey Bieber is going to talk about a bunch of different things ranging from skincare rituals and makeup tutorials with her makeup team to the most extraordinary travels of her life so far, about her closest loved ones hosting them in her videos and playing some games as well as doing some challenges together like making dresses by tinfoil and things like that. But she will also include some interesting and strange rumors she has heard about herself, and other topics and conversations to which she is very attached such as mental health, politics, and religion.

In fact, Hailey Bieber‘s YouTube channel is a kind of reality show in which she wants to show aspects of her everyday life, so as people get to know her better and as she said to know “Hailey for Hailey”, but she also wants to show people her personality, her greatest transparency, and her pure sincerity. As she highlighted her enthusiasm is blooming all the more and she feels so impatient to show to the public her truest side and how is actually behind flashes and flawless pictures. Here we gathered all the videos she has posted so far so scroll and get some taste!

[1st Cover Photo © Superga/Manipulated by Gals and the City, 2nd Cover Photo © Hailey Bieber/Instagram]

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