Hailey Bieber Opens Up About Dermatitis, The Reasons Behind & The Treatments She Follows On Her Instastories!

You are not alone suffering from skin problems!

Well, it is not the first time the beauty guru shares her precious beauty and skincare tips for radiant and fresh face skin! But this time the supermodel and style icon, Hailey Bieber goes deeper and touches a theme that concerns a huge number of women in the days we live in. What’s that? It is called “periodical dermatitis”, a pimple-like outbreak or some kind of inflammation or bumps around the mouth that may look like acne, but it’s actually a specific skin condition. Although acne tends to start gradually and worsen, periodical dermatitis can come on very suddenly and be – unlike acne – very irritated, hot, and itchy.


Beautiful Hailey Bieber did not hesitate to honestly share her dermatitis in her recent Instastories, just some hours ago, and give some reasons behind this skin-nightmare. According to her, she has had dermatitis for a few years now around her mouth or sometimes around and under her eyes and up on her cheeks because of a new product trial, or a very harsh cream for skin. Other reasons mentioned are weather conditions, masks – well that’s the most common reason in the pandemic Covid-19 year – or sometimes certain SPF and, yes, the laundry detergent! That’s why Hailey urges us to use only hypoallergic-organic laundry detergent!

“Since I like to be as transparent as possible about my skin … I have something called periodical dermatitis which I’ve had a few years now. It gets triggered by different things and usually shows up on my cheeks, around my mouth, or sometimes around and under my eyes. Some things that I noticed trigger it: trying a new product, a product that’s too harsh, weather, masks, sometimes certain SPF.”

“A HUGE dermatitis trigger is also laundry detergent!! Have to use hypoallergic/organic laundry detergent always.”


But what about the treatment? The muse opts for super gentle anti-inflammatory products that help ease and soothe her face skin while preventing another skin-disorder breakout. At the same time, she says a big “NO” to self-diagnosing! We should stop trying to seek methods of curing ourselves. Dermatologists are the only experts to guide us and prescribe the right creams and medicines for us to save the skin.

“That’s why for my skin personally I go for super gentle anti-inflammatory products that will help soothe my skin and won’t trigger a dermatitis breakout!”

“It also took me getting the proper diagnosis from a dermatologist after stubbornly trying to treat it myself. Sometimes it gets so irritated only a prescription cream will calm it down. Self diagnosing is a no no”

What experts say:

Hailey also gave us some words of Sinae Kane, MD, of Presidio Dermatology in San Francisco, who explains why periodical dermatitis is becoming all the more the new epidemic skin disease. Obviously, the skyrocketing growth of the beauty and skincare industry leads to an unprecedented increase in the number of patients! Why? Because people and especially women started insanely using a bunch of new products! According to the expert, the common reason is that we use a lot of heavy products like oils, thicker creams, and so on, and sometimes we overuse them in an attempt to moisturize, heal dryness and keep a youthful face. But is that actually good? Definitely not! In our persistent attempts for glowing face, we began to apply some products on our face which led bumps to pop up and then use some other products to solve the problem and then kept adding a product on top of another product … and that’s how things went worse.

“What we know about periodical dermatitis is that it’s believed to be a form of rosacea, and although there’s a lot of speculation about the condition, we do know that there are some main triggers,” says Kane. “The ones we usually see are the use of a lot of heavy products-thicker creams, oils, or ointments-and overuse of products, in general.” Especially with the natural-skincare industry booming, a lot of patients have gotten really interested in learning about skincare, and although I think it’s really fun, people end up trying on a lot of products at once, so that often creates an environment where it will trigger a flare of periodical dermatitis.”

In short, we are not alone struggling with facial skin infections! The gorgeous wife of Justin Bieber gives us the courage to fight against negative feelings caused by our skin texture, normalize skin disorders, and make us realize that we are all human beings. No one is flawless, and that’s why we need to love ourselves more, don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed by possible breakouts because they don’t define us! So stand up, gently clean your face, and smile again! In the end, we are all gals and we will all face it together! What is it called? GALS POWER!

[Cover Photo © @haileybieber]

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