Healthy Summer Hair: The Best 3-Ingredient DIY Mask You Could Ever Use

summer hair mask

Keep your hair smooth & well-hydrated all summer long!

We are literally in the heart of summer in a carefree state of mind, packing our stuff for holidays and thinkin’ about cocktails and beach parties. But we may forget one thing; our hair. If we don’t adequately protect our hair from the harmful UV rays, we inevitably lead them to dryness, dehydration and split ends forcing them hair to premature aging.  A few days in the sun can turn our hair rough to the touch and brittle with all the sweat, sand, and salt. Therefore, if you are gonna spend your vacation on the beach, help your hair survive summer with the best natural DIY hair mask you could ever use! But first, commit yourself to use natural hair treatments that nourish your hair without stripping its natural oils, and secondly wear a hat!

The Best 3-Ingredient Summer Hair Mask:

Ever wonder why nutritionists suggest adding avocado on our meals for a well-balanced diet? Well, we are talking about a natural healthy fat, that makes good to our hair, just like it does for our overall health. Loaded with precious vitamins (Vitamin E, C), proteins and minerals (folate, potassium) avocado repairs damaged cells, protects hair against heat and everyday wear as well as promotes hair growth. In short, avocado makes our hair shiny and well-hydrated acting as a natural detangler and moisturizer that soften and nourish them. And here comes the miraculous coconut oil packed with hydrating and moisturizing properties. Now you can figure out why we are gonna mix avocado with coconut oil! Gals, we are gonna create the ultimate moisturizing bomb! Last but not least, banana is the secret wonder of the mask; Did you know that bananas are full of natural oils, minerals like potassium, which improves manageability by making hair softer and shinier, and vitamins, all of which lock the moisture, balance the pH of the scalp and thus heal damaged and dull hair? Oh yes, here you are with the ultimate DIY hair mask for the summer:


  • avocado
  • coconut oil
  • banana


Mash avocado and banana in a bowl with a fork and then add coconut oil. Keep stirring until your mixture is homogenized. Now it’s ready to apply it on your hair. Leave it for about 20 minutes in a shower cap and then rinse with warm water. Repeat it once in a week to keep your hair smooth and healthy during your summer holidays.

Our hair is our sexy “weapon”, keep it strong!

[Cover Photo © Free People]

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