Home – Working & Social Distancing: 8 Habits to Work From Home Efficiently

As the outbreak of coronavirus led companies all around the world to put preventative measures in place, home – working can be a real challenge as there are so many distractions, less accountability and no communication at all. Being self – isolated in quarantine and turning your home into your office sounds really tough as you have to separate work from life, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Plus you should practice social distancing as much as you can for not losing the quality of your social life! We at Gals and the City rounded up 8 habits that help you stay protective and productive while working from home. So if this is your first time working remotely, just scroll down:

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1. Don’t work from bed

Try to avoid your bed when you are working and find some other place at home to work. By making this place cozy and comfy you are getting all the more alert, more confident, and more organized. Psychologist Meredith Fuller, says:

“Some people feel a little bit lost when they don’t have all the normal triggers and rituals of the workplace”

Keep in mind the place we are working in keeps us in a good or bad mood; it is up to you ;). In this way, you separate where you work from where you relax.

2. Make your own comfy “Home – office” style

Avoid wearing pyjamas as you are gonna feel soon like you are sick. The key is to feel comfortable and active! Put on your favorite tracksuits or a t-shirt and a comfy pair of jeans.

3. Take your time when you wake up

Think, you are skipping your makeup routine and there is no need to go to the office. Well, that means you are able to get an extra hour of sleep! Having also a healthy – energy breakfast with a big cup of warm tea or coffee, some quick stretching or a hot shower, it definitely gives you a big boost to start your day refreshed and motivated for work having no stress.

4. Take your breaks and practice social-distancing

It is very important to take regular and “well-timed” breaks to”restore” your motivation as well as eat some snacks and fresh juices throughout your day as you usually do at the office. You may also prepare your lunch cooking your meal and have a quick chat with your friends staying connected with your social life.

5.  No roomies permitted

Setting boundaries for pets, boyfriends, parents or roommates, it makes you stay focused and more efficient on your tasks. Try to encourage them to leave you alone for some hours so as to finish your work early.

6. Keep communication with your co-workers:

One of the great things, when you work in an office, is the chance for communication and collaboration. Try not to lose it in this way: By communicating with your managers and co-workers it helps you fight the loneliness you are facing with, especially if you work from home for a long period of time. Get the chance and discuss with them not only for progress updates and business targets but have a little chat with each other. In other words, make sure you keep up on a personal level as well as a professional level.

7. Plan your work day

Before you go to bed to plan, try to make a plan for the next day; It helps you sleep better without anxiety and stress of planning in the back of your mind. In this way, when you wake up in the morning you know what your priorities are for the day and which tasks are more demanding. Otherwise, if you see that planning at night keeps you alerted, make your plan the other day while you eat breakfast. Planning will definitely increase your productivity while making you achieve your goals as well as get your work done.

8. Set a Timer & Finish work on time

To be honest, it’s tempting to give yourself total flexibility as to when you get started and call it a day. In addition, working at home may lead us to work after normal hours, and thus losing the time for ourselves to relax and calm down. For this reason, by organizing your time and setting an alarm it gets easier to finish your work on time as well as feel more conscious and accountable to yourself and your co-workers.

Starting a new way of life maybe is not so freaking difficult as we are thinking about.


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