Jacket & High Heels: The Most Festive Outfit To Say Goodbye to 2021

Be chic & sexy on New Year’s Eve with what you already have in your closet!

Sequins, feathers, rhinestones, velvet looks are what we may now see on Instagram everywhere these days, right? But keep in mind, that timeless and classic pieces are the most elegant and must-have elements we will wear forever. So this year, elegant lines and feminine details will master on New Year’s Eve making things easier for all women who want to dress stylishly with pieces they already have. You just need two key pieces to make the look: a pair of high heels and a jacket!

Photo: @danilevskayaamy

Well, the combo of the jacket and high heels is undoubtedly a super hot choice, but what will make the difference are the textures and shades. Undoubtedly, a classic black or some sophisticated pied de poule is not just classy but a modern choice. The interesting part is that, although being in the midst of winter, designers suggest us to dare wear colored jackets. Respectively, the same logic applies to high heels, which are expected to be super attractive with rhinestones, crystals, and metallic textures.

Photo: @daniellenaer

But what kind of blazer and high heels to choose? The answer is simple. Depending on the blazer you have in your wardrobe or the one you are gonna get, you will choose the right shoe. How? For example, a statement jacket will be perfectly matched with either a pair of statement high heels or a timelessly feminine shoe that suits every occasion.

Photo: @emilisindlev

On the other hand, a classic jacket can be immediately mοdernized with a pair of impressive evening heels in bright colors like red and fuchsia or embellished with pearls, stones, or feathers. Ps: Let us know what you will choose by commenting on our Instagram account @galsandthecity … and let’s have a wonderful NEW YEAR!

Photo: @queenofjetlags

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