Louis Vuitton FW 2021: How Fornasetti & Greco-Roman Antiquity Inspire The Collection

Louis Vuitton Fornasetti

Nicolas Ghesiquière embarks on an odyssey with a new collection combining past and future.

Set in the Louvre Museum and dressed with the music of Daft Punk, Nicolas Ghesquière, in whom art has always been central to his collections for Louis Vuitton, joins this time with Fornasetti’s fabulous drawings to prove that this FW 2021 collection can travel us far to the Greco-Roman antiquity even in the middle of quarantine. But who is Pierro Fornasetti, the inspiration artist of the collection? Born in Milan in 1913, he was an Italian eclectic and visionary artist considered as one of the most prolific figures in the landscape of mid-20th-century design with his unstoppable creativity and uniqueness in the industrial art scene. Famous for his decorative nature, he focused on covering the surfaces of tableware, furniture, and textiles, even entire rooms, with his fascinating and surreal hand-painted images while his plates with the beautiful face of a woman – which his entire brand is built on it – along with candles, trays, and pillows embellish many luxurious houses all over the world.

Therefore, it is Ghesquière that incorporated in his creations the aesthetic and the iconic designs of Fornasetti with the Ancient Greco-Roman spirit to marry art and design impressing and enchanting art and fashion lovers around the globe. Revealed in the Michelangelo and Daru Galleries in the Louvre, the Louis Vuitton – Fornasetti collection is like a collaborative capsule with Fornasetti works, – selected from the Fornasetti Archive in Milan by Nicolas and Barnaba Fornasetti – Louis Vuitton’s forward-looking craftsmanship and creativity and the Italian design atelier’s magical depiction of the past, building in this way a time-traveling and creative dialogue with the museum’s remarkable array of sculpture.

Greco-Roman designs with streetwear references are imprinted on illustrated bags, jackets, sweatshirts, and sports pieces, while the Greek antiquity can also be found in the gladiator sandals, meanders, and motifs inspired by sculptures. Weaks on the different textures, colors, and techniques that combine Ghesquière’s extraordinarily contemporary design with Fornasetti’s world. Velvet dresses, oversized coats, tailored hooded jackets printed with the famous motifs such as keys, locks, and portraits, printed tops in shiny jersey, on which we find Fornasetti fabulous drawings with delicate, fanciful engravings of an enduring era master on the runway.

Tulle skirts combined with 80’s jeans, leather pants, and boyfriend sweaters can be worn with puffer jackets and cropped leather ones as well, while the skirts and mini dresses with high collars are also perfectly matched with voluminous knee boots. The iconic bags of the Maison come in a new exclusive version reinterpreted with hand-drawn illustrations like the new bag Troca which features an embroidered Damier quilt leather. Visionary reflections are also immersed in the artist’s works depicted also on the ski masks which come embellished with the iconic and signature Louis Vuitton monogram. If we could describe this fashion moment in Paris Fashion Week only in one sentence we could say that the Louis Vuitton-Fornasetti FW collection 2021 mixes the continuing modernity of Fornasetti’s artistic world and Maison’s unbeatable creativity with these golden Greco-Roman ages which forged the essence of our civilization. Which is your favorite look?

[Cover Photo © Louis Vuitton]

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