Mykonos: A dip in the Blue-White of “the Island of the Wings”

Getting in a Greek Summer state of mind!

After the successful management of the health crisis, and according to international tabloids, Greece is considered one of the safest places on earth to travel for 2020 so it is now in a position to welcome travel lovers again! Today we at Gals and the City travel you to Greece’s most famous and cosmopolitan island, dressed in the shades of blue and white. Guess… We are talking about Mykonos! Setting out on a trip to discover the whitewashed paradise in the heart of Cyclades, you stay speechless with its heavenly turquoise waters, long sun-kissed beaches, and how luxury and glamour meet the simplicity in a very harmonic way.

Golden beaches:

Crystal clear waters and magical landscapes are just a few of the beautiful things you will enjoy in Mykonos. With no ifs and buts, Psarou beach is by far the most cosmopolitan beach in Greece with Nammos beach bar to attract international celebrities, It-Gals, and high rollers. Of course, you should not miss Kalo Livadi beach, one of the longest beaches in Mykonos, Ornos beach, the closest beach to the capital with fine sand and turquoise shallow waters as well as Mykonos’ most bohemian beach, Ftelia! Other must-see beaches are also Paragka, a pretty small one with a beautiful landscape located in the south part of the island and if you are searching for some rest, Elia beach, the longest sandy and less crowded beach of the island, is what you are looking for.


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World-renowned Parties:

The island is like a magnet of billionaires, hedonistic holidaymakers, celebrities, international jet setters, and world-travelers that being mingled with the locals, families, and college students, celebrate the Greek summer to the fullest. Being famous for the world-renowned party scene with international guest DJs on decks and vibrant crazy beach parties, Mykonos is like a heaven for party-lovers. Parties are held almost everywhere from the famous beach bars to night clubs all day and night long, so be sure, the island will meet your expectations for sure! What if you look around you? Supermodels, TV stars, In-vogue fashion designers, Hollywood stars may dance barefoot next to you!


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The best spots to take your Insta-pics:

Well, as Instagals we are thinking about you because we know that traveling means taking gorgeous pictures to inspire your feed! Make your friends jealous by taking pictures with the astonishing background of Windmills, which stand facing the sparkling Aegean Sea. Super Instagram approved shots by almost everyone that visits the island is the pictures of Little Venice, one of the most romantic places in the world; old fishing houses being built right on the water have been converted, nowadays, into bars and restaurants. Stop here and head for some charming waterfront dining or enjoy your cocktails as the sun goes down and be lost in the amazing sea view. Needless to say, the similarity with the Italian city of Venice is really obvious, hence the name of Little Venice!

…And here comes the iconic Mykonos Town! Be ready to walk because cars are banned from most of the narrow streets of the town, so we suggest you opt for fancy flat sandals. A maze of narrow cobblestone alleys, white houses with bougainvilleas hanging from balconies, and colorful windows make up the Cycladic Chora, the trademark of the Island of the Wings. One of these narrow alleys is the super cosmopolitan spot, Matoyianni street, crowded and packed with luxury and seductive boutiques, International and national designer shops, high brands, souvenir shops as well as famous bars and restaurants that you can spend unforgettable nights. Every corner is so picturesque so don’t miss stopping along the way to take photos! The island is a real gem and it is worth visiting even for once in a lifetime.

Dress mood: Stand out from the crowd

Take your style to an upper level as Mykonos is a dream destination for fashion lovers. Go for stunning bohemian long dresses as the weather is windy enough and choose flat shoes as the cobblestone streets make it impossible to wear your favorite high heels. Don’t forget to take a jacket with you ‘cause some nights the temperature gets lower and you will freeze, especially, if you are going back home early in the morning after a long party night. Beach party kaftans and bold eye-catching swimwear are what you need as you will be spending almost all day on the beach with a cocktail in hand tanning, enjoying the sea and waiting for the crazy afternoon parties!


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Go wild to the Mykonian lifestyle!

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