Regé-Jean Page Exits Bridgerton But Hits Cinema

Regé-Jean Page bridgerton

All the reasons why Regé-Jean Page leaves Bridgerton and where we will see him next!

We know you may be traumatized – like us – by the recent announcements that Regé-Jean Page is not coming back to Bridgerton’s, but wait we are gonna see him again and this time on the big screen! It was Lady Whistledown, the show’s fictional gossip columnist, hat took over Instagram as usual, five days ago, to announce that our beloved Duke of Hastings will not come back in the second season of Netflix’s successful series, staying however a part of the “Bridgerton Family” forever. The actor directly commented under the post expressing his huge and honest love he feels for the cast, the crew, and all the fans of the tv-show while highlighting how grateful he is that joined this family. But why Regé-Jean Page is not coming back to Bridgerton and where does he go next?


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Fans, who mourn Regé-Jean Page’s exit, threaten that they no longer want to watch the show without the character of the Duke that they loved so much. Actually, his role was so crucial to the success of  Bridgerton making viewers from all over the world hooked on this romantic period drama story and rosing him quickly to stardom with his breakout performance. The surprisingly shocking sex scenes with her co-star Phoebe Dynevor, who will continue playing to Bridgerton by the way, along with the struggle for power were largely the reasons behind Bridgerton’s enormous success. To be more precise, 82 million households watched the series in its first month on Netflix making it one of the biggest original series on the streaming platform. That’s why it seems so weird the fact that such a beloved protagonist will be out from season 2! However, the second season created by Shonda Rhimes and Chris Van Dusen takes its inspiration from the second book “The Viscount Who Loved Me” by Julia Quinn and focuses on the character of Anthony, Daphne’s brother, on his own quest for love. The question is one, will Anthony’s story be that intriguing and seductive as that of Duke of Hastings? In any case, Your Grace, we will miss you…


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Now, why Regé-Jean Page leaves the series? According to him, he knew that his role was for a short period of time as he was signed onto a one-season contract, but remains unclear why his contract wasn’t renewed in the wake of the series’s success. Actually, in his interview with Variety, he said that he appreciates the fact that each book of Julia Quinn focuses on a different sibling’s love story while declaring that he is very excited to watch the show continuing without him. According to The Hollywood Reporter, other sources say that the production reached out to Page to propose to guest star on three to five episodes with a lucrative offer of 50.000 dollars per episode although his character, Simon, was never included in the second season. But Page denied the offer, according to sources, due to his character’s minor role in the future episodes as well as his busy filming schedule. True or not, one thing is sure that Page’s career has taken off for good after his participation in Bridgerton. So where will we see him? Page has already signed contracts for major projects like Netflix’s new spy thriller “The Gray Man” alongside Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans and Paramount’s new movie “Dungeons & Dragons”, in which he will star alongside Justice Smith and Michelle Rodriguez.


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Wanna more? Some sources also say that he could be the successor of Daniel Greg playing Britain’s most iconic ever roles: James Bond! Although Page didn’t confirm the rumors, he admitted that he is “flattered” to be tipped as the next Agent 007, and of course, we all want to watch the most beloved sex symbol of the last year to play this role! By and large, saying goodbye to the Duke of Hastings doesn’t mean we say goodbye to Regé-Jean Page, and although having left millions of Bridgerton fans heartbroken, we will all support and follow him wherever his career dreams will take him. Keep up inspiring Regé-Jean! ♥

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