Regencycore Beauty Trend: How Bridgerton TV-Show Inspires Our MakeUp Looks

The beauty look we all want to copy asap!

Netflix’s sexy Regency-era period drama, Bridgerton, is not only considered one of the latest and biggest hits in the streaming giant with numerous viewers being obsessed from the very first episode with the romance between Daphne and Simon as well as the magnificent and majestic costumes and jewelry of the protagonists but has also impacted the fashion and beauty industry to a great extend. How? Talking about the beauty world, the Regencycore make-up trend is the new beauty trend we all want to try asap! So between rewatching the Bridgerton tv show and giving your home a Bridgerton makeover or just organizing your cottage dresses scroll and check how to copy exactly this beauty look at home.


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What is the Regency era?

But first, in case you are unfamiliar with this era, let us tell you a few words beginning from the fact that we are talking about a whole aesthetic based in the United Kingdom’s Regency era, which ran from approximately 1811 to 1820 featuring chic silhouettes, elegant looks, and statement pieces. For the record, the term comes from the prince regent, who called to rule the monarchy after his father was deemed too ill to lead and this is the era in which Bridgerton takes place. But among the pastel aristocratic midi dresses and gowns, the narrow corsets, the elaborately decorated headbands and tiaras with pearls and diamonds, the sparkling custom-made jewelry full of briyants and other colored gemstones, oh and don’t forget the imposing long gloves, the extremely innocent, romantic and dreamy makeup look is absolutely one of the main characteristics of that time.

How to copy Bridgerton Make-Up?

Eyes & Brows:

Actually, following on from the artificial white-face makeup with strong lips and cheeks of the 1700s, natural beauty was now the way to go. Think soft pink cheeks and lips, transparent, and flawlessly clean skin texture with a hint of rosy glow along with the freshness and cheerfulness of a young lady who is patiently waiting to meet the love of her life. Well, starting with the easiest part, the eyes, just forget eyeshadows and colors altogether to achieve a natural look, but give focus to your eyelashes and brows! Use a lash-enhancing brown mascara to your lashes and give a quick brow brush-up by using a simple coat of clear gel. The thing is to keep them as natural as possible. Pro Tip: Phoebe Dynevor uses beauty pro brigtening masks and eye masks to prep her skin and look like she had slept for many hours, oh and here comes our moto: “a diva needs hours a sleep”. Make up experts recommend keeping them in the fridge for a cooling treat that reduces puffiness and dark cycles.


But what about makeup? The “no-makeup look” is the answer. Bridgerton’s makeup artists make it clear that the first step is a robust skincare routine for a smooth and clean surface. They suggest using serums and a hydrating lightweight moisturizer as it is very crucial to keep the skin well-moisturized all the time so as to get that radiant, fresh, and youthful skin texture of Bridgerton girls. Now we can proceed by applying a creamy and lightweight water-based foundation that has a longer duration and gives a more natural result. In fact, the key is to blend the foundation well using some blender sponges as according to makeup artists “[it] makes skin look like skin” while highlighting bone structure and face angles at the same time. In short, the fewer products you use, the better the look gets.

Lips & Cheeks:

Well, blush is so important, here, as evening gowns and hairstyles are! The key secret is to coordinate your blush and lip colors with similar tones to create a continuous color story on your face and give a natural blush for a boost of vitality. A berry-toned cream is an ideal choice for your cheekbones and it can be easily also used all over the face, if well blended, but don’t overdo it. What about highlighters? For a soft glossy finish perfect for the tops of cheekbones, exposed shoulders, clavicles, inner eye corners, and the tip of the nose you may use a nearly sheer cream to give that lovely youthful glow and complete the magically romantic Bridgerton look!


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