Saint-Tropez: Super Gal Jane Fonda enjoying life!

saint-tropez jane fonda

Boasting of majestic superyachts at the Vieux Port, and making thousands of tourists staying speechless, the former small fishing village has been transformed into one of the hottest travel destinations of the international jet – set since Jane Fonda arrived in the French Riviera to star in a movie with Alain Delon in 1963. Guess! We are talking about the cosmopolitan Saint-Tropez! In an interview with Numéro Magazine, she said:

“A bit of my heart has been here in France ever since I first visited Nice at the beginning of the 1960s to make a film with Alain Delon (Les Félins), by René Clément.” … “There was the Nouvelle Vague going on, an amazing effervescence, and then Saint-Tropez, the Riviera…”

Jane Fonda in Saint-Tropez, 13th of June 2019

What is really surprising is that we at Gals and the City spotted her, in the midst of June 2019, enjoying her dinner with her company in Le Quai, a seaside bar-restaurant in Saint-Tropez, located in a premium spot in front of the luxurious boats. Wearing big golden earrings and dressed in a stunning total white Chanel outfit that sculpted her elegant physique, the blonde diva danced and sang some lyrics along with the singer of the restaurant, as she was leaving the place giving us some sparkling vibes of her Hollywood air! Jane Fonda, more fresh and vivid than ever before, seems to enjoy her life to the fullest giving us an example, in some way, of how we should run our own lives; enjoy every single moment no matter what! Oh God, she is an amazing woman full of love for life!

Here is the video we shot:


The beautiful seaside resort – the magnet of Hollywood stars, moguls, and thousands of world travelers – that oozes natural elegance, and glamor has been definitely one of her favorite places that she always chooses to come back, again and again, spending beautiful moments with her beloved ones since her early career.

Photo by Gals and the City

It was just a unique moment we had the chance to see her live even for some minutes! We at Gals and the City want to wish her to stay safe, healthy, full of joy and keep on shining and inspiring us!

We love you, Jane ♥

[Cover Photo © Valentin B. Kremer, Photo Manipulation: Gals and the City]

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