Save Christmas: 15 Must-Try Festive Cocktails For Happier Days In Quarantine!

Yes, Christmas coming and it’s time to overcome quarantine blues with a cocktail in hand!

Without any shadow of a doubt, this year Christmas may be a little bit different … ok, a way more different, with quarantine looming all the time, if it is not a reality yet, but let’s face it! Even if we are not gonna spend the holidays partying and laughing with friends and family, as we are in the middle of the global pandemic year, this does not mean we are gonna have a Christmas lockdown, right? So what better than warming up the cold nights by bringing some Christmas joy at home? That’s why we are here for you, to provide you with a glorious drink inspo which will definitely keep you cozy the next freezing days while filling you with all these idyllic festive feelings. From classic eggnog and old-fashioned recipes to playful and gorgeous holiday spirits, here, we have rounded up 15 delicious must-try Christmas cocktails that are gonna give you a huge smiiiiile on your face while getting you in the most atmospheric season of the year! No matter what kind of cocktail you are in the mood for, our list is gonna cover you for sure. So what are you waiting for? Scroll, check our choices, put on a little Christmas music, and try out these freaking yummy recipes! Ps: Don’t miss to tell us your favorite one! Cheers babes and … HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Festive Addiction:

Ingredients: 1.5 oz. Tres Agaves Organic 100% de Agave Añejo Tequila, 3/4 oz. Cinnamon infused Campari, 3/4 oz. Sweet Vermouth, Orange Oil.

Instructions: To make the Cinnamon-infused Campari, infuse 1 cinnamon stick for each 8 oz. of Campari and let it sit for an hour. If you want a deeper cinnamon taste, let it sit longer or add one more cinnamon stick. (Recipe from Tres Agaves)

Classic Xmas Choice:

Ingredients: 2 eggs (separated), 1/4 cup sugar, divided, 4 ounces rum, bourbon or brandy, 10 ounces whole milk, 4 ounces heavy cream, grated nutmeg (for garnishing).

Instructions: Take a large bowl and beat egg yolks with sugar until it gets fluffy. Next, stir in milk, heavy cream, and the spirit of your choice. Now fold the egg white into the yolk mixture and serve in a rocks glass or a Christmas tea cup! (Recipe from

Hot Chocolate Bae:

Ingredients: 3 cups whole milk, 3 tablespoons crushed cinnamon sticks, 8 ounces semisweet chocolate, finely chopped, 3 tablespoons demerara or granulated sugar, a pinch of kosher salt, 2 ounces bourbon, toasted marshmallows (for 4 servings).

Instructions: Bring milk and cinnamon to a simmer over medium-low heat for about 10 minutes (just make sure milk does not boil!) Now whisk in chocolate, salt, and sugar. Tip: Whisk frequently, until your mixture is soft and creamy and chocolate is melted. The next step is to pour it through a fine-mesh colander into a large measuring cup to remove the cinnamon. Well, almost done! Finish by adding bourbon, rye whiskey, or rum to your mixture and serve with toasted marshmallows to get the full winter experience! (Recipe from

White nights:

Ingredients: 1 cup brandy, 3 cups milk, 3 tablespoons powdered sugar, plus more to taste, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, grated nutmeg (for 4 servings).

Instructions: Add all the ingredients to a blender, top with ice, and blend for 20 seconds. We suggest you taste and add more sugar if desired. Now strain the mixture into four tall glasses filled with crushed ice. (Recipe from

Sweet coziness:

Ingredients: ½ gallon apple cider (1.89 L), ¼ cup mulling spices, 4 orange slices (optional), 3-4 slices apple slices (optional), 8 oz. Bourbon (if you want to make a stronger cocktail, you may use up to 12 oz), 8 cinnamon sticks and 8 whole star anise to garnish, (for 8 servings).

Instructions: Take a large soup pot and add the apple cider, mulling spices, 2 orange slices, and all the apple slices and turn on the heat. Keep stirring while cooking over low heat for 20-30 minutes. When you see that the cider is infused with flavor, remove it from the heat and pour 8 oz. strained mulled cider into a large mug. Add 1 oz. bourbon to each mug. Alternatively, you can add all the bourbon directly to the pot of mulled cider before serving and stir it in. Don’t miss to garnish with orange slices, cinnamon sticks, or star anise and stir one again. It definitely warms you right up! (Recipe from

Aristocrat Love:

Ingredients: 2 oz. Scotch, 0.5 oz. cynar liqueur, 0.5 oz. Mezcal, 3 dashes of Angostura bitters.

Instructions: Mix the ingredients all together, add some ice, and shake well. That’s it! (Recipe from Cheers to Happy Hour)

Holiday Cheer:

Ingredients:  750- ml bottle red wine, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup apple juice, 2 cut lemons, 2 cut clementines, 3 cinnamon sticks, 2 whole nutmeg, 1 teaspoon whole cloves, 1 teaspoon whole allspice (for 8 servings).

Instructions: Mix wine, apple juice, fruit, sugar, and spices in a heavy saucepan. Now you can start heating up the beverage slowly over low heat and let the flavors come together for at least 1 hour on the stovepot, or for at least 2 hours on low heat in a crockpot or slow cooker. Don’t boil in any case! When it’s ready, strain before serving it, if desired, and enjoy it warm! (Recipe from

Gorgeous Xmas Treat:

Ingredients: ½ lime, 6-8 mint leaves, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 oz. Bacardi Silver Rum, ½ oz. Malibu Rum, ¼ cup coconut milk (canned), soda, pomegranate arils (for garnishing).

Instructions: Take the lime and cut it into 2-3 wedges. Mix the lime wedges, mint, and sugar in a glass to release the lime juice and mint oils. Now you can add ice until it fills one to three-quarters of the glass (or as much as you want) and pour in the coconut milk and rum. Stir and top with soda. Before serving, decorate the glass with pomegranate arils and mint. (Recipe from


Ingredients: 3 ounces bourbon whiskey, 1 ounce cranberry simple syrup*, 3 shakes bitters, for garnishing: orange peel, fresh cranberries, and rosemary (for 1 serving).

Instructions: Take a glass with ice and mix bourbon, cranberry simple syrup, and bitters. In the end, garnish with orange peel, rosemary and fresh cranberries. Tip: To make the cranberry simple syrup*,  put 2 cups of water, 1 cup of sugar, and 1 cup of fresh cranberries in a saucepan and boil them for 4-5 minutes. Strain with a fine mesh sieve and cool before serving. (Recipe from

Indulgent Night:

Ingredients: 1 ½ ounces cognac, 1 ounce dark crème de cacao, 1 ounce cream, grated nutmeg (for garnishing).

Instructions: Put all the ingredients into a shaker with ice and shake until well-chilled. After that, strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with freshly grated nutmeg. (Recipe from

Ultimate retro:

Ingredients: 10-15ml lime juice or lime cordial (optional), 50ml advocaat, 50ml sparkling lemonade, ice, to serve, 1 maraschino cherry (for garnishing), (for 1 serving).

Instructions: Fill a glass with ice and add up to 15ml of lime juice or lime cordial. Pour the advocaat and lemonade over the ice and stir gently until the outside of the glass gets cold. Finish by garnishing your glass with the maraschino cherry. (Recipe from

Sophisticated & Classy:

Ingredients: 60g golden caster sugar, 1 tablespoon allspice, 200ml rum, 90ml lime juice, 600ml champagne, orange twist (for 5 servings).

Instructions: Take a pan and gently warm 60g golden caster sugar with 30 ml water and 1 tablespoon allspice. When you see the sugar dissolved, let the mixture cool and strain it through a sieve lined with a coffee filter. Now put 60ml of the spiced syrup along with 200ml rum, 90ml lime juice, and ice in a shaker and shake well. Then strain between six champagne glasses, top up with 600ml champagne, and garnish each glass with a lovely orange twist. (Recipe from

Boozy Hot Happiness:

Ingredients: 150ml dark rum (you can also use whisky or brandy if desired), 200ml Stone’s Ginger Wine, 8 whole cloves, ½ lemon, thinly sliced, 3 tablespoons light brown soft sugar, 200ml boiling water, 1 cinnamon stick (cut in half), 25g butter, 4 long rosemary sprigs (for 4 servings).

Instructions: Bring a small pan over medium heat and put all the ingredients inside, apart from the rosemary and butter. Warm the mixture and stir until the sugar dissolves and the toddy is steaming, but don’t boil it. Now add the butter and keep stirring until you see it melted. Serve the toddy among heatproof cups or glasses, then add a rosemary sprig to each one and enjoy. (Recipe from

Fresh & Foresty:

Ingredients: 25ml gin, ice,  lemon, 1 tablespoon of the rosemary syrup*, 2 tablespoons of pomegranate juice, soda, rosemary and pomegranate seeds

Instructions: Firstly we need to make the syrup: Boil 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of water until sugar dissolves, remove from the heat, and add a sprig of rosemary. Let it sit for about 15-20 minutes, remove the rosemary, and put it in the refrigerator. Now it’s time to make the cocktail. Take a glass and pour 25 ml gin over ice, add 1 tablespoon of the rosemary syrup,  2 tablespoons of pomegranate juice, and a squeeze of lemon juice. Finish by topping up with soda and decorate with rosemary and pomegranate seeds. (Recipe from via

Holly Pumpkin Pop-Up:

Ingredients: 1 butternut squash, 1½ oz. spiced rum,  ¾ oz. chai pumpkin syrup, ¼ oz. lemon juice (pay attention to not add too much because it gets overpowering quickly), 3-5 oz. hot water.

Instructions: Take 1 butternut squash (half and deseed) and roast on 425 degrees until it gets soft. Then, mash squash together with white sugar at a 6 to 1 ratio, with more sugar than squash. Next step, incorporate three bags of loose chai tea and let it rest for more than 2 hours. For better results, let it sit overnight. Now, you can add the spiced rum, chai pumpkin, and lemon juice. Heat the mixture slowly and add 3-5 oz. water until you see that sugar is dissolved. Strain and cool. Keep it refrigerated, and it will have a shelf life of 4 weeks. Don’t miss to serve hot in a mug. (Recipe from Headquarters Beercade)

[Cover Photo © Dio Septian]

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