Sex And The City: What Would Be Their Fashion Must-Haves Today?

The four characters in 2021!

With the announcement of the “Sex and the City” reboot, a 10-episode long show, the first thing that came to our mind was the iconic stylish moments we all gals fell in love with from the very first episode. Do you remember Carrie’s head-turning outfits, Charlotte’s chic preppy looks, Miranda’s workingwoman wardrobe, and Samantha’s bold sexy ensembles? The bad news is that Kim Cattrall who played Samantha Jones will not be a part of the show anymore as she has already expressed that she is not interested in the reunion. But could you imagine the four of them walking down the streets of New York today chatting, laughing, and spreading their glamorous vibes? Ok, we have already done it for you! So the question arises: What would be the fashion-must haves of Carrie Bradshaw, Charlotte York, Miranda Hobbes, and Samantha Jones in our days? We at Gals and the City put together their most-wanted designer picks for 2021! So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and check them out! What do you think? Ps: Let us know your own ideas!


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Carrie Bradshaw

sex and the city
Photo Collage © Gals and the City

What could we say for the flamboyant style of our beloved heroine, Carrie Bradshaw, as famously played by Sarah Jessica Parker, whose bold fashion choices are still relevant today? It’s pretty impressive that street style stars and Instagrammers all over the world can’t help but try and copy those unique and memorable ensembles which are just as admired nowadays as it was in the ’90s and early ’00s. Undoubtedly, Carrie’s creative looks marked a moment in time and made all of us want to dive into her freaking cool fitting room! But considering her world-famous eccentric closet which was full of designers‘ outfits, and bold accessories, taking fashion to the next level, we can’t handle but stop to her fetich, her passion for high-heels! Her obsession with heels which gave her signature aesthetic was such a cornerstone that a couple of episodes are dedicated only to shoe subject! Carrie is the typical friend who has insanely spent all of her money on luxurious heels and she now asks you for money. From blue satin Manolo Blahnik heels with jewel buckles to barely-there sandals, what do you think would be Carrie’s latest fashion obsession today? Adwoa crystal and feather-embellished satin slingback sandals by Amina Muaddi would be her new addiction and yes, we can see her in a glamorous mini dress rocking the streets of New York City!

Charlotte York

Photo Collage © Gals and the City

On the contrary to the other three gals which were mainly trendsetters of their times, Charlotte’s style makes the difference as we are talking about old-time classic yet sophisticated and feminine looks. Her chic and preppy closet never goes out style, and if even she was the “conservative” gal, she could also be playful with bows, fun prints, and bright colors. Chanel suits and designer accessories completed her stylish moments in “Sex and the City” as she was channeling the same girly but elegant aesthetic. Patricia Field had told that “Charlotte is the girl that every guy wants to take home to mother. As such, I tended to dress her in silhouettes that gave a nod to the ’50s.” So the pink bag “Le Chiquito Noeud” by Jacquemus would be one of her lovely must-have designer pieces, do you agree?

Miranda Hobbes

Photo Collage © Gals and the City

Although Carrie Bradshaw was stealing the show by choosing eccentric outfits, we always admired Miranda’s bossy lady attitude and business-savvy style. We see the lawyer Miranda Hobbes who played by Cynthia Fox to opt for tailored dresses, lots of pantsuits, and androgynous outfits throughout the ’90s and start changing a bit adopting a sweet feminine but also powerful style as she grew in her role as a mother and partner. No doubt, the iconic oversized fringed shearling coat by Bottega Veneta, both elegant and comfortable – in both espresso and yellow hues which swooshes as you walk would be one of her most-loved picks for the freezing cold winter in New York.

Samantha Jones

Photo Collage © Gals and the City

Are you also feeling a kind of nostalgia as Kim Cattral who played icon Samantha Jones is not going to be back when the “Sex and the City” reboot will be finally on our screens? Her boldly sensual and impeccably daring style including show-stopping jewelry to power suits and slip dresses will stay on our minds forever. The diva inspired us making us secretly want to dress like her if we actually had the guts to do so, right? There is no doubt we will miss her sexy looks as much as her frank yet spicy dialogues, but what would be her favorite fashion must-have today? We know how she much loves big eccentric eye-catching jewelry and that’s why the intricate floral motif necklace with blue resin embellishments and star-shaped accents of Gucci would be among her favorite fashion pieces. We already imagine her matching it with a red deep-decollete dress waiting for her martini on a bar (if we’d be in a covid-free season, obviously!).

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