Sisters Hadid love the athleisure style: Check their 20 best looks

Have you ever heard of the athleisure style? Have you ever tried it?

Well, we almost all have besties that wear gym clothes combined with smart sneakers and accessories and going for coffee or lunch outdoors, going for some shopping therapy, having informal meetings, or just strolling around – of course, having some yoga in the midtime. These clothes set you free for any activity, making you feel like a super gal! To be honest, this is a trend that urban gals started and now we are clearly talking about a new norm since 2014 when Beyonce launched her athleisure collection with Topshop under the name of Ivy Park. Millennials brought this new era of the effortlessly cool and comfy look with a tendency to fitness and wellness. Leggings and shorts (especially during the summer months) are the symbols of this evolution. The only thing you should pay attention to is how you create and “build” your outfit.

Bella and Gigi Hadid will convince you to dare it. These two “it” gals know very well how to impress even in an athleisure look, making it sexy and comfy that gives a sense of confidence, freedom, and feminity. It looks like they master this whole new trend in their own way! We at Gals and the City choose to show you their best 19 looks. Get inspired and do it like them.

What is it?

For the record, when we are talking about athleisure outfits, we mean sneakers, leggings, shorts, yoga pants and whatever we usually wear at the gym. The philosophy around this trend is that gym clothes are supposedly making their way out of the gym, to be worn in other settings, such as at the workplace, college, or at other social or casual gatherings.

Are you ready to go wild on Gigi’s look on your daily routine?

PS: If the strict office style doesn’t permit you to dress like this, go for it on your weekends or even after work hours.

[Cover © Pascal le Segretain]

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