Suffer From Mask Acne? Try this Easy Hack Now

mask acne hack

Add this easy hack to your daily beauty routine and stop mask acne now!

Well, maskne is already a familiar word for most of us, right? Coming from these two words, mask and acne, it’s quite obvious that we are talking about a new face disease that so suddenly came into our lives this year involving acne breakouts from long-term mask-wearing. In all seriousness, masks work like a shield protecting you and the others around you against the spread of COVID-19 and it’s so important to wear them as well as follow all the protective measures, but it’s a real thing, they trigger acne breakouts, chafing and irritation, along with pimple-like bumps with all the sweat and oil swishing around.

What causes maskne?

In fact, acne usually forms when makeup, face oil, dirt, bacteria, or dead skin cells clog the pores and as a result lead to pimples, inflamed bumps that are filled with pus, acne cysts that lead to cystic acne, and other painful skin infections of different type and size. Actually, we all have bacteria, dead skin cells, and oil on our skin, but when we wear a mask all the these can easily multiply and block our pores. Why? The lack of light, humidity, and the warm temperature under the mask that trapped due to your sweating and breathing increase the risk of acne. Add to this the irritation due to the constant friction of the mask on the skin’s surface and you have the “perfect” conditions for acne! Another cause could also be the harsh or scented detergents we may use to wash our masks and that’s why it’s better to use only hypoallergicorganic laundry detergent to prevent irritation. Of course, don’t miss that you may be allergic or sensitive to the material of your mask or feel it rough on your skin. Anyway, you are not alone suffering as we all face the same skin problem more or less.

How to prevent mask acne?

The great news? We at Gals and the City tried to change our maskne-fighting beauty routine a bit and saw quite satisfying results. Of course, we keep on facing some acne breakouts periodically but the difference is quite obvious! What’s the simple hack you should try to fight acne asap? Washing your face regularly is the treatment you’re searching for! Well, it sounds pretty basic but if you keep on washing your face in the morning, at night before going to bed, and right after you get home we promise you’ll see the change. Just make this 20-seconds hack your new daily habit: take off your mask and wash your hands and face immediately once you are back at home. Just make sure you follow up with a lightweight moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. To inform you products loaded with ingredients like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are proven to fight acne removing dead skin cells, excess oils while killing acne-causing bacteria beneath the skin as well as preventing future comedones from forming. Extra anti-mascne tips: Of course, don’t miss to opt for bamboo or cotton masks which are softer and gentler on the skin, and yes, wash them frequently – don’t wear this disposable medical mask until it falls apart! Exfoliate regularly, unless your skin is too sensitive for it, and try to use pimple patches on active spots underneath your mask.

What kind of cleanser should I use to avoid dryness?

Do you know that many people just splash water on their face in the morning without washing it or many women just de-makeup without soaping it at all? But pay attention here! Overwashing (more than twice a day) might be frustrating for your face skin as this will destroy your pH and natural moisture levels. According to dermatologists, the natural oil our body produces works as a shield for our skin protecting it against external factors. Thus a twice-a-day face washing removes all the pollutants that our skin is exposed to every day, even when we sleep. Keep in mind to use a gentle cleanser, fragrance-free that cleanses and soothes your face without irritating it and stipping your skin barrier because if your skin is too dry, it may produce more oil to make up for it and thus your acne may worsen. Besides, moisture levels and skin’s oil levels are completely two different things, so oily skin can also suffer from dryness, itchiness, and lack of hydration. That’s why you should opt for a mild cleanser that works to protect the natural moisture of your skin. Here we suggest six cleansers that really help to clean your face, balance your moisture, fight your maskne, and obviously give you a calmer and healthier skin look again! Ps: While you are here check how honey can heal your acne scars and try three homemade based-honey recipes. More products For Skincare Lovers!

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