Summer Lipcare: The Ultimate Guide For Velvet Lips


The step-by-step guide for baby soft lips ASAP!

Sweet June is already here and oh yes it’s that time of the year we all should take care of everything on us, right? Ok, admit that you often forget your lipcare (just like most of us, don’t worry!), and with the season transition from the cold winter to summer heat, burns and cracks start to appear quickly making our lips look so dehydrated like a dry apricot. The good news? There is always a solution! This time Gals and the City come to save you with a perfect lipcare routine for you to repair damaged tissues and keep your lips smooth and velvet all summer long! Of course, we start by scrubbing our lips with gentle circular motions for 30 seconds to renew the tissues and then we apply a lip mask. For the super busy you, the lip patches are a quick treatment to soothe and moisturize your lips just in 5 minutes! Next step? It’s time for hydration and obviously, some give a color touch. Pro Tip: Our summer lovely habit is to put a hydrating lip oil with SPF30 in our bag and keep our lips protected from the harmful UV rays as well as freaking juicy all day (and night!) long because the motto is one: “all eyes on lips baes”! So scroll down and check our step by step favorite product selection:


Lip Scrub

Why get it: Loaded with rosehip, argan, coconut, and sweet almond oil leaves your lips nourished and smooth.


Lip Mask

Why get it: Packed with hyaluronic acid and minerals this night lip mask will deeply treat your lips so you can wake up to lips that feel totally refreshed and baby soft.

Lip Mask & Plumper

Why get it: For the busy ones, these lip pads full of nourishing ingredients will make your lips tender and shiny. Besides, it’s an Amazon choice!


Nourishing Lip Balm

Why get it: This balm infused with honey, plant oils, and shea butter restore chapped lips by 96% as well as prevent any future dryness or damage. Of course, it’s an Amazon choice!

Hydrating Lip Oil with SPF 30

Why get it: Infused with nourishing camellia, jojoba oils, and vitamin E this formula with SPF 30 not only protects your lips from the sun but also relieves them from dryness while making them look shiny and juicy.


Lip Gloss & Oil

Why get it: This Amazon’s choice lip gloss/oil hydrates your lips with its almond, rosehip, and jojoba oil leaving them with a silky texture and a summer glossy look!

Hydrating Crayon

Why get it: It hydrates your lips while giving them a colored and shiny color finish.

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