Sweet Potato: Your New Ally For Weigh Loss

Did you know that sweet potato is your new ally for weight loss?

As the summer is just around the corner, we all dream of a tanned, and fit sexy summer body! How to get it? Besides drinking gallons of water and spending hours working out, the key-secret is to change some habits in our daily diet! How? Let’s add sweet potato to our meals! Being a super tasty superfood, sweet potato offers some surprising benefits for your overall health! How? Loaded with important nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber, sweet potato does not only help us lose weight but also protects our body from free radical damage and chronic disease. So this is the time to add it to your diet if you haven’t done it yet! But how does sweet potato help us lose weight? Let’s see!

Weight-loss Benefits:

  • Sweet potato is a very low-calorie food! This doesn’t mean you should fry it to enjoy it; instead, we suggest you roast or grill it to ensure a healthy weight loss.
  • Being an excellent source of fiber, the orange/purple vegetable keeps you full for long. In this way, you don’t feel hungry and as a result you stop snacking all the time, taking extra calories and potential weight gain.
  • What is perfect is that its barely sweet taste satisfies your need for sweet intake, thereby stopping your appetite for sugar. You can consume it even as a snack, as much as you want!
  • Are you worried about your metabolism? Sweetpotato works like a medicine for that because it speeds up your metabolic processes making you burn more easily calories as well as fighting fat.
  • As we all know one of the key rules to losing weight is water! Did you know that sweet potato is a high-water-content vegetable? Well, we just found a good source of water! Keep in mind, the more high-water foods you consume, the lesser you overeat, because this kind of food takes up a lot of space in your stomach.
  • The most important! We are talking about a vegetable with a low glycaemic index! What does that mean? Foods in a high glycaemic index can cause a spike in your blood sugar level, which has been linked with obesity, diabetes, and other health problems. Fortunately, sweet potato is a safe option for weight loss and those people suffering from diabetics.

Other Health Benefits:

Photo by Simon Rae
  • If you are looking for an extra boost, sweet potato is here for you! Besides being super tasty, sweet potatoes are a good source of energy, improving your energy levels as well as maintaining your focus and alertness during the day.
  •  The huge amounts of potassium contribute positively to digestive problems keeping your gut healthy while balancing blood sugar levels.
  • Sweet potato is also rich in antioxidants! More specifically, the miraculous β-carotene helps fight free radicals that cause fine lines, wrinkles, and skin aging. Plus, carotenoids optimize the eye-health as well as boost your immune system. Studies have shown that antioxidants may also help the brain function improving learning and memory.
  • The regular consumption of it helps accelerate wound healing as well as decreases stress levels maintaining the heart rate.

Smart Tip:

Are you wondering how to cook it? Well, You can boil, or bake the sweet potato in the oven/ grill or even smash it. We recommend you chop it in small slices and then just boil it to save time. For a quick and healthy meal, enjoy it with your favorite omelet. In this way, you combine protein (egg white) with good carbohydrates (sweet potato) making a well-balanced meal.

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