The 5 Secrets for white teeth & Keep the perfect smile all the time

All the secrets are here!

The issue of teeth whitening is a continuous pursuit of all women as the first impression you give is always very important. So a biiiiig and healthy smile makes you feel confident, more beautiful – than you already are – and powerful. Your face sparkles and nothing can stop you, feeling like a queen in your own kingdom.

But to make it happen, we should change some of our habits, adding some new ones to prevent our teeth from being yellow. Here you are with the secrets and tips that really help!

The secret of strawberries:

Oh yes! Strawberries not only don’t dye the teeth but make them white as they contain malic acid which is ideal for removing stains from them.


1st   – Take a ripe strawberry and ½ tablespoon of cooking soda.
2nd  – Smash the strawberry and mix it with soda.
3rd  Take your toothbrush and apply the mixture to your teeth for about 5 minutes.
4th  Afterwards, brush your teeth with toothpaste as usual and use mouthwash to eliminate any acid that has left in the mouth.

Repeat once a week and you will see results.


1.  You can also just rub a strawberry on your teeth, bleaching your teeth naturally thanks to the beneficial antioxidants this fruit contains.
2.  Don’t use soda very often as sodium bicarbonate can damage the tooth enamel in the long-term.
3.  Use dental floss to remove any possible seed from the strawberry.

Limit the frequent consumption of:

Red wine

 Or at least brush your teeth right away!

Avoid smoking:

The chemical substances of cigarettes affect the enamel of your teeth.

Care your oral hygiene:

1.  Brush your teeth at least 2 -3 times per day.
2.  Use whitening toothpaste.
3.  Use whitening mouthwashes (2 times per day for one minute and you will see improvement by 1-2 levels of white tint within 3 months).
4.  Brush your teeth when you eat very acidic fruits and vegetables as the latter two erode the enamel.

Show your perfect white smile now!


[Cover © Jana Kirn]

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