The 6 Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas To Celebrate Safely At Home

Your romantic guide to celebrating Valentine’s Day while staying safe at home!

What if Valentine’s day may look and feel a little bit different this year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic crisis? Of course, it is not gonna stop us from celebrating the love-filled holiday while staying safe at home! In the meantime of searching for the perfect Valentine’s gifts for your special someone, here we put together the 6 most romantic Valentine’s Day ideas for you to get some inspiration and start planning for February 14! From an at-home spa date to an electrifying dance night, scroll down and check the lovely indoor activities and … HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

Whip Up Breakfast in Bed

Wanna start the day in the sweetest way? Breakfast in bed is the answer! Heart-shaped pancakes and crispy waffles dressed in chocolate and decorated with strawberries, raspberries, and other red-colored fruits are some easy to cook as well as ideal choices for your sweetest someone. More brainstorm? Opt for freshly-baked donuts, buttery or melt-in-your-mouth chocolate-filled croissants, peanut butter cookies, truffles, and fluffy cupcakes, but if eggs are more your style, Eggs Benedict or Croque madame are also celebratory as super simple to make.

Soak it all in with a Valentine’s Day at-home spa date

What if beauty salons and spa centers are all closed for the well-being and public safety? Grab the chance and bring the spa world to your home! Prepare a bubble bath for two, or just for yourself to calm your mind and release your senses. What will you need? Essential oils (we suggest lavender or sandalwood for a higher of relaxation and desire respectively), Epsom salts, scented candles to create a sensually relaxing ambiance (we suggest jasmine and rose scent for a fancy spa), a bath bomb that will mentally travel you anywhere but your house, and of course don’t miss applying your moisturizing face mask while enjoying a glass of your favorite wine.


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Organize Valentine’s Day Movie Night

Decorate your living area with mood-setting candles, make some yummy snacks, open up a bottle of wine, and stream a movie! With so many movie options from classic and most-loved festive ones like “Valentine’s Day”, “Always be my Maybe”, “the Notebook”, “The Spectacular Now”, “The Proposal”, “Love Actually” “Fifty Shades of Grey”, “Eat, pray, love” to Netflix’s new releases like “To all the Boys: Always and Forever” on February 12, and “Malcolm & Marie” on February 5 choose your favorite title and binge-watching under your warm blankets.

Make Chocolate Fondue or a hot chocolate bomb

With chocolate being undoubtedly the protagonist of the day, what’s more romantic than making your own chocolate fondue with strawberries and passion fruits or trying Tik Tok’s latest viral trend creating your own hot chocolate bomb! What is it? A chocolate sphere filled with hot chocolate mix and lots of marshmallows. Just put the ball in a cup and let it melt in hot milk … and that’s it! You just created the perfect Valentine’s day beverage for you and your significant other half. Check the video below:

Stop scrolling on your phone & play your favorite board games

Well, playing board games it’s not just a way to stay mentally sharp in later life as studies show, but it is also a chance to reconnect with each other and strengthen the relationship with your beloved ones. So stop scrolling on social media and get some quality but also fun time with your partner. You could choose among classic ones like “Monopoly” and “Jenga” to new games like “We’re Not Really Strangers”, “Off-topic”, or “Love Language” card game getting to know deeper yourself, your girlfriend, your boyfriend or friends.

Have an electrifying dance night

What better way to make your evening more interactive than a slow and intimate dance? Valentine’s Day is a chance to rekindle the romantic flame in your relationship or marriage and enjoy an electrifying dance night by candlelight while getting your heart rate up. To step things up a bit and mesmerize your partner, you can surf on the Internet and check plenty of ballroom dance classes offered online, like tango Argentino, foxtrot, and more, but you may also learn how to dance the choreography of some of your favorite music videos through dance tutorials on YouTube.


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