The Coolest 2021 Calendars & Notebooks For A Successful New Year

coolest calendars notebooks

Organize your goals and dreams now!

We are at the beginning of a bright and most promising year, so what better time than now to clear your mind and start putting your plans and thoughts for 2021 on a page? Not to mention, having your new year’s resolutions and goals written down is the first step to accomplish your dreams. That’s why we’ve rounded up the coolest calendars and notebooks for a productive and successful year. From classic pro notebooks like Moleskine and personalized ones like “My Moon and Stars” of the Old English Company to Los Angeles most tasteful lifestyle boutique’s planner, Poketo, you will find what you are searching for to stay organized for your short-term goals but also see clearly the bigger picture. For the high aesthetic lovers, MoMA calendars which feature works created by women artists are also a great choice and a smart way to level up your home office style. But if you are looking for a little bit of inspiration, the “Women’s Empowerment” notebook by Anthropologie’s, the “Affirmation” calendar by the eco-friendly Aya Paper Company, and theCarpe F*cking Diem” planner will give you the motivation and the courage you need to make a fresh start! Take your time, relieve anxiety, and make your choice among a wide range of colorful and stylish diary designs with guided prompts, geometric prints and art details. Just scroll down and discover some of our coolest picks for 2021! This is the time to set your goals in motion, gals! 2021 will be better than the previous year. Pro Tip: For home-working and social distancing tips you may also check here!

Pro Notebook 2021:

Quarterly Goal Planner 2021:

Agenda 2021:

2021 Pocket Calendar:

Personalized 2021 Notebook:

2021 Moon Calendar:

2021 Marble Notes:

Best Year Ever Wall Calendar 2021:

Weekly 2021 Agenda:

Project Wall 2021 Planner:

Carpe F*cking Diem 2021 Planner:

Bike 2021 Calendar:

Women’s Empowerment 2021 Notebook:

2021 Appointment Calendar:

Affirmation 2021 Calendar:

Black Woman CEO Notebook:

[Cover Photo © Poketo]

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