Winter-Must: 4 Reasons to wear Sunscreen now

winter sunscreen

No matter the weather outside it’s time to figure out that sunscreen is a year-round necessity. So here you are with the 4 reasons we all need to wear sunscreen when we wake up in the morning!

1. There are dangers indoors

According to Denty Engleman, New York City dermatologist, data suggest that pigment cells can be stimulated not only by the sun’s bright UV rays but also by lower doses of ambient and infrared light emitted by your computer screen or overhead lamps. So whether we are going to spend all year indoors or climbing mountains and going for snowboard we should wear our sunscreen.

“But now we know that even your office lighting, your phone screen can be harmful” she also explains.

We need to protect our skin from the laptop, computer screens and lights in our home.

2. UV rays penetrate winter clouds

Dr. Samer Japer of Washington Square Dermatology in New York explains

“UVA is always present and can penetrate clouds, glass, and deeper into the skin. UVA damages deeper skin layers, resulting in premature aging and increased risk of skin cancer”.

He also says,

“UV rays damage collagen and elastin in your skin, resulting in acceleration of fine lines and wrinkles”.

That’s why incidental exposure to the sun experienced on a daily commute is liable for fine lines, wrinkles and premature aging. Therefore, even on cloudy and rainy days, we need to wear sunscreen for face even if we know that we are going to spend all day at the office. Besides, it is proven that sunscreen offers anti-aging benefits to our skin.

3. Winter’s conditions remove sunscreen

Moreover, what most of us may don’t know is that winter’s harsh conditions like snow and strong wings reduce the effectiveness of our sunscreen even faster, so that’s why we need to reapply it every two hours.

4. Snowsports augment the risk of UV exposure

If you are a ski lover, you need to know that snow reflects and intensifies sunlight, getting you closer to a burn as the higher your elevation, the greater your exposure to UV rays. So if you are planning a day full of winter activities, ensure that you have already dropped sunscreen in your beauty bag.

Keep your face radiant and safe!

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